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What is this?

This subscription facility allows you to "subscribe" an interest in headlines posted to the web site and/or to public meetings and headlines posted by some departments.

  • For example, if you subscribe to "Main Headlines," whenever a new headline is posted to the home page of the web site you will automatically be sent an email informing you of the new headline. If the headline is of interest, you may visit the website to get more information about it.
  • Similarly, if you subscribe an interest in a particular department or board, whenever that department or board posts a new meeting, cancels or changes an already-posted meeting, or posts a departmental headline, you will receive an informational email about it.
  • If you want to receive notifications of non-emergency headlines from our public safety departments, subscribe to Public Safety Department Headlines.
  • If you want to receive notification of upcoming elections and town meeting, subscribe to the Town Clerk's office.
  • Subscribe to the Treasurer/Tax Collector to get headline reminders of upcoming excise and property tax deadlines. (And you can pay your tax bill online, too.)
  • Of course, you can subscribe to as many departments as you like.

If you no longer want to receive these informational emails, you may un-subscribe at any time.

Additionally, once every several months you may receive an automated email asking you if you want to continue your subscriptions. This is to help us make sure that we don't annoy people with unnecessary email, and to make sure that any email we send out is to a valid email address.

How do I subscribe or un-subscribe?

Step 1: Fill out the form below and click the "subscribe or un-subscribe" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: You will receive an email from "" asking you to confirm each subscription request. You'll receive one email for each subscription request. That is, if you subscribe to three different departments, you'll receive three individual confirmation emails, one for for each department.
If you use an email spam filter, you might want to allow receipt of mail from
This second step is to keep someone else from subscribing or un-subscribing you without your permission.

Step 3: You confirm by replying to the emails. You don't have to write anything in your reply, and if you do it's unlikely that anyone will read what you've written (it's an automated system).
Please don't change the email "header" when you reply, or we may not be able to process your request.
Also, please reply promptly after receiving the email. If we don't get a reply within two or three days we'll have to assume that the subscribe/un-subscribe request was made in error, and we'll delete it. Of course, you'll still be able to subscribe or un-subscribe, but you'll have to start at Step 1 again.

I've forgotten what I've subscribed to! How can I find out?
Just click here, enter your email address, and we'll email you a list of your subscriptions. (As with subscribing, your email address won't be stored anywhere, and nobody will see it.)
Is my personal information safe?
  • First, note that the only information we ask you to provide is your email address. We don't ask for your name, address, favorite color, or any other personal information.
  • Second, we don't actually store your email address anywhere. Instead, we immediately "encrypt" it and store the encrypted version instead. For example, if your email address is "" it may be stored as something like "fQZwLbYpHXisD51EnsTHOQSu8JpSgR7dy0bAboHDYEU=" which is really not of much use to anyone who doesn't have the ability to decrypt it. This encryption is done automatically when you subscribe, so nobody ever sees your email address.
  • Third, personal emails are exempt from disclosure under Exemption C of the Massachusetts Public Records Law as a "reasonable right to privacy."
  • If you have any other questions regarding privacy issues, please read the Website Disclaimer.

1: Do you want to subscribe or un-subscribe?

2: Choose one or more items:
Town Departments
   Board of Assessors
   Board of Selectmen
   Conservation Commission
   Planning Board
   Recreation Committee Subscribe to the Recreation Commitee to receive notification of recreation programs, opportunities, and deadlines.
   School Committee
   Town Clerk/Elections/Primaries/Town Meeting Subscribe to the Town Clerk's office to receive notification of upcoming general and primary elections, Town Meeting dates and information, and end dates for registering to vote and voting absentee in an election.
   Treasurer/Tax Collector Subscribe to the Treasurer/Tax Collector to receive notification of upcoming excise and property tax deadlines.

Click here for more department choices
   Agricultural Commission
   Capital Outlay Committee
   Carver Community Access Television (CCAT)
   Carver Cultural Commission
   Community Preservation Committee
   Council on Aging
   Finance Committee
   Historic Commission
   Historic District Commission
   North Carver Water District Commission
   Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School
   Redevelopment Authority
   Town Buildings Study Committee
   Town Moderator
   Veterans Agent
   Website Committee
   Zoning Board of Appeals
Additional Subscription Choices
   Main Headlines Choose this to receive notification whenever a new main headline appears. The "main" headlines are those that appear in the middle of the home page, and do not include headlines for individual departments. If you'd like to see headlines for a particular department, subscribe to that department.
   Public Safety Department Headlines This choice will subscribe you to headlines posted by town departments that deal with issues of public safety, including the Board of Health, DPW, Emergency Management, EMS, Fire Department, and Police Department. Note that this is not an emergency notification system!
   Question of the Day! This choice will subscribe you to receive a daily question and answer about your town or state government. This is the same question of the day that is on the home page of the web site.
   Today's Public Meetings This choice will subscribe you to receive a daily list of the day's public meetings.
   Tomorrow's Public Meetings This choice will subscribe you to receive a daily list of public meetings scheduled for the following day.

3: Enter your email address: