Web Browser Issues

Although we would like the website to work well with every web browser, there are some older browsers that are not compatible with current web technology. Accomodating all such outdated browsers is not feasible for the Committee to support at present.

Is The Text Too Small or Too Big?

Hold down the control (Ctrl) key and press the + (plus) key to make things bigger. Hold down the control key and press the - (minus) key to make things smaller.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Web Browser

This website does not work well with IE 6, and most web software does not accomodate IE 6's idiosyncracies either. (At present, only about 1% of web users still use IE 6.) It is highly recommended that you consider upgrading your web browser to a more recent version of Internet Explorer. Please see "free browser downloads" below.

Other Browsers

Most other browsers work well with the website, although we can't test all major browsers regularly. Recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome are likely to be good choices.

Free Browser Downloads (but please read the website disclaimer)

Newer versions of Internet Explorer my be found here.

The Firefox browser may be found here.

The Google Chrome browser may be found here.

Additionally, it may be necessary to download a copy of Acrobat in order to read PDF files.